Welcome to HaveNeed

HaveNeed is a free mobile app that enables you to trade for goods and services like never before!

HaveNeed also makes it easy to donate items directly to members of your community.



Bartering used to be limited to 2 people, but the patented HaveNeed multiparty barter app matches the Haves and Needs of a virtually limitless number of people from around the block, or around the world.

Don't need anything in return? 
HaveNeed makes it simple to directly donate goods and services to people in your community without needing to use other platforms so now you can trade or donate in the same app!

HaveNeed Barter Loop

HaveNeed is like
 a dating app for your stuff™ 

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HaveNeed is currently working with select private groups while we get it ready for the rest you! If you sign up for our waitlist we'll let you know when it's time to download the app. If you’re interested in starting a private barter group, please let us know via the contact page.