Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I have to sign in with a Facebook account?

We will be adding additional ways to sign in. However, it is important for our have|need barter community members to know who they are bartering with, and Facebook gives us a pretty good way to accomplish that.

What does Multi-Party Barter mean?

Bartering used to be between two parties, but if one of them didn't have what the other needed, then there was no barter to be had. It's called the mutual coincidence of wants, and it's why bafter has not been scalabe...until have|need introduced multi-party barter. With multi-party barter, have|need can offset the haves and needs of up to 5 people in any transaction in what we call a Barter Loop, and we can create these Barter loops from a virtually unlimitednumber of people. For instance, if Gina has a lemon and needs a lime, and Trey has a lime but needs an apple, there is no barter to be had. But if Suki has an apple and needs a lemon, have|need can match everyone's haves and needs so they all get what they need! In this way, have|eed is able to create possible barter transactions where they were not previously possibe.

What is a Barter Loop?

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What happens if I don't receive my good or service?

oy vey

Can I join more than one loop at a time?

a) Yes b) With a single item

How much does it cost to use have|need?

Free for a while. Eventually, we will charge a small fee for each succesful barter transaction. We will also offer additional premium services such as insurance, shipping, deliveries, etc. for those that want to use them.

Can I just donate my goods and/or services without requiring anything in return?


How do I cancel my have|need account?

Can I leave a Barter Loop after I've joined it?

Can I edit the descripton of a Have or Need after I've published it?

Can I delete a Have or Need after I've published it?

Are barter transactions taxable?

If I donate goods or services, can I get a tax write-off?

Who can I contact to help me with issues or questions related to have|need?

How can I see all of another user's Haves and Needs?

Click on the User's name from any Item from the Home Screen or a Loop Detail screen which will take you to that User's Profile Screen. On the Profile Screen you will see one blue circle with an "h" and another with an "n". Bly clicking on either of the blue circles, you will be taken to a list of that User's active Haves or Needs.

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